Written by Russell McAndrews   
Saturday, 07 March 2015 22:12

As we all continue to social distance ourselves to help slow the spread and remain at home, I would like you all to please search on various social media outlets for any fish related articles or videos that might seem interesting to those in the hobby.
These discoveries could relate to making fish food,fish room construction or layouts, maintaining good water quality with little effort, planted aquariums and proper lighting to give a few examples. These could make for good reading  or possibly a topic for a future meeting. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Just send the discovery along to the website contact info so it can be distributed to our members.
I would also like for everyone to consider helping out our club by contemplating  a board of directors nomination or helping out with our annual fall auction in November. We need more volunteers to help make our auction run smoother, more efficiently and raise our standard by auctioning quality items. Since all spring auctions have been cancelled, we have a great opportunity to have a large, quality and well attended auction! Our monthly meetings will be cancelled until the federal/state mandates are lifted.

Remember, we are an older membership and do not wish to endanger anyone.
In closing, PLEASE take extra care of your fish and tanks as these can be a good alternative to divert attention and clear your thoughts.




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