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Allston Water parameters
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Author:  nerd [ Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Allston Water parameters

I am starting a new planted tank in Allston, Boston. I realized that tap water pH is really high (around 9) and the water is really soft (I don't yet have kit to test water hardness).
I read on this forum that aerating water with air stone will bring the pH down since water is soft, but I thats not happening for me. pH is at around 8.4 even after 2 months. I have eco-complete substrate
I initially put drift wood but that also didn't help.

My questions are
1. Considering water is really soft, do I need to get something like Seachem Equilibrium to get mineral balance right for the healthy plant growth?
2. I am worried about high pH value for the fish. How do you guys solve this problem?

Thank a lot!

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