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wanted - live foods
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Author:  redpaulhus [ Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  wanted - live foods

I'm slowwwwly ramping my fishroom back up - smaller, leaner, less work since i have like no time...
and hatching baby brine shrimp is just as much as a PITA as I remember.

So I want to get some other live foods going again (my many cultures of microworms, white worms, grindal worms, & daphnia have all faded away) - I've generally been able to keep most of those going without alot of effort (well, daphnia aren't low effort but they are cool)

anybody got any cultures they'd like to pull a starter from ? I can order on aquabid but I love to support local...
would gladly toss you some $ for each starter and pickup at the April BAS meeting
I can also trade a vinegar eel starter if you prefer instead of cash.

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