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Fish available, focusing more on invertebrates.
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Author:  Ramiro [ Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  Fish available, focusing more on invertebrates.

I would like to move some remaining fish and focus more on invertebrates.

1 Peru Altum (Scalare) - Juvenile

4-5 Ancistrus sp. "Rio Paraguay" - juveniles, young adults both sexes it seems

4-5 Ancistrini L127 aka L207 - juveniles, young adults both seces it appears

4 Keyhole Cichlid - young juveniles

6 pygmy cories

? Kuhli loaches

2 male rams

Would prefer to move them in groups, please send offers.

I'm also looking to trade for invertebrates such as nice shrimp, crayfish,

I'm also in need of 40g Breeder tanks for bearded dragons and would rather not wait for the next $1/gallon sale.

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