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Moving! Yellow lab, pleco, tetras
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Author:  dstringf [ Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Moving! Yellow lab, pleco, tetras

'm moving and am not brining my fish with me. I have two tanks still up and running that I need to find new homes for the remaining occupants.

These are all "free to good homes" as long as you can pick up at my home in Merrimack NH or my office in Kendall Square. Please let me know the environment you plan on placing these fish when contacting me as I want to ensure they are well taken care off. Willing to make arrangements to deliver nearby as well.

Tank 1 African rift lake setup
Yellow Lab, adult male ~3in

Tank 2 SA river setup
3 Unknown name Tetras, semi aggressive ~2.5in
Common plecostomus, ~1ft, needs 75-90gallon minimum tank with natural hiding places.

I also will have a variety of fresh and salt water aquarium stuff and supplies once I finish breaking everything down and sorting through things to determine what I am not bringing with me.

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