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ALL perfect condition: 55g tank/ lights/ filter/ heater
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Author:  ryanhillyoga [ Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:27 pm ]
Post subject:  ALL perfect condition: 55g tank/ lights/ filter/ heater


55 gallon tank
AquaticLife double-2bulb light fixture w/ plant light bulbs
Aqueon Large Filter w backup filters (I take the carbon out)
Submersible high quality heater
algae scraping magnet/ razor scraper on a pole
beautiful wood currently inside w live plants- lilypad bulbs, several varieties

Would be so happy if there was someone who was really serious about starting the hobby that was looking for an affordable way to get EVERYTHING they need. I'll throw in the water conditioner/ plant fertilizers and N/P/K balancing chems, fish net, and this little motor I have that blows bubbles into the tank. I'd be even be happy to throw in the current fish: all semi-aggressive, 4 siamese algae eaters, one earth-eater, 2 tiger barbs, one chinese algae eater, one leopard cat.

I'd love to sell the entire thing for $475. It really is all worth hundreds more. I'd also take best offer, cash, to have you come pick it up and help me take it apart.

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