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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:06 pm 
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Before you ask, YES, I went collecting on Thanksgiving (but only after helping with the Thanksgiving dinner!)

I posted this trip report on NANFA too.

Chandler's Pond is a man-made pond that was dug out to harvest ice back before they invented refrigerators. The pond was drained and dredged in 1999. Back before they dredged it, it had largemouth bass. The pond has a pipe with pristine water coming in (I tested it, ph 7, no chlorine, nitrate or nitrites. Water was soft. I didn't test ammonia though) and a drain that merges with the storm sewer (not the sewage sewer) and drains to the Charles River. That water tested out pretty bad. ph 9, high nitrates, some nitrites, water was soft, no chlorine.

Here is a map.
Red = My House
Green = Collecting Area at the Pond.

Here's a shot of the pond. One side is all privatee residences, one side is a community park.


The pond is a nice place in the autumn. In spring and summer, you get harassed by angry swans and step in duck/goose poo.

Here's a nature shot:

This pond is littered with Trapdoor Snail shells, all empty. I think it's because the heron eats them or they just die. I found out that one of the private residences in the area has a pond with these snails in it. They may have gotten into the pond during heavy rains.


Looks like someone was feeding the ducks not too long ago


So I walk around to the other side of the pond. There's a little inlet hidden in the reeds. This inlet is where the pipe with the clean water is. The pond is pretty shallow, but in this inlet area, it is deep enough to launch a small boat.


This is the pipe that brings fresh water to the pond:

Here is the collecting area.



These rocks I used a stepping stones to get from one side to the other. Don't step on the flat ones!! They are almost always on top of a smaller rock and will shift when stepped on!

I saw that the fish were on the other side so I hopped across the rocks and got caught in this... My net was caught too.

This is my collecting gear... Pretty basic. Just a dip net and a plastic container. I used kordon breather bags.

The fish were congregating in this little pool

I hopped across the rocks and kneeled down on one halfway. The fish saw me and hid under this large rock. I couldn't move it because what you see above the water is about 1/3 of the size of the whole rock.

There were inchlong bluegills and what I thought were 3 inch creek chubs in the water. I caught 1 bluegill, but the creek chubs were too fast for me and kept hiding under the unmovable rock. By this time, my camera ran out of batteries so this pic was taken at night at home.

Eric - Secretary/Bowl Show Chairman

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