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What types of fish would you like to see in a LFS ?
Rare/wild livebearers 11%  11%  [ 2 ]
peat spawning Killifish 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
mop spawning Killifish 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Apistos 11%  11%  [ 2 ]
other dwarf cichlids 28%  28%  [ 5 ]
micro-rasboras 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Rare Anabantoids (licorice/pygmy gouramis, badis, etc) 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
dwarf shrimps 11%  11%  [ 2 ]
gobies / gudgeons 6%  6%  [ 1 ]
Other (please explain below) 17%  17%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 18
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:52 pm 
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As you may know, "Skipton Pet Center" became "Unique Aquaria" last year, and moved from Boston to Woburn this summer.
We're now starting to get the Freshwater dept up to speed, and I'm now managing the dept.
One thing I want to focus on is carrying fish, plants, and inverts that you can't get at the big box stores (Petco, Petsmart, etc) - I want us to become your local source for the things you used to go to Aquabid or other web sites for.

Knowing that Ned (at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory) has the best cichlids around - he's a true cichlid guru - so while we will carry some cichlids (especially dwarfs and cool rift lake cichlids), I'm not going to try to compete to the hundreds of gallons (and decades of experience) he has dedicated to cichlids (yes I know he carries other cool stuff - and I suspect we're going to overlap a bit, nothing wrong with that).

I also know that there are a few stores around that focus on parrot cichlids, arrowana, flowerhorns, and tank-busters -- I'm not going to try to compete with them (although I may carry some of those fish at times, I'm not focusing on them)

sooo -- I'd like to hear what fish people want but can't find locally. I've already seen a large demand for "nano" fish -- micro-rasboras, scarlet badis, pygmy cories, and dwarf shrimps -- but I'd like to hear from you.

So - Please vote for what you'd like to see, and feel free to post here as well. You can pick up to 3 items in the poll.

It will probably be a few months till I have the freshwater section where I want it -- but I think you will really like what we're doing. Our plant selection in particular is going to be amazing.

Thanks !

Part-time fishguy at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory (saturdays)
Species I am currently keeping/breeding include :
Copadichromis borleyi "redfin"
Labidochromis caeruleus yellow labs
Aulonocara sp. "Lwanda"
Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus "Super Red Ancistris"
Xiphophorus montezumae Montezuma Swordtails
(I'm in the middle of resetting and redesigning my fishroom - so things are kinda quiet)

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