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PostPosted: Mon May 06, 2013 1:29 pm 

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Maybe we have an eating problem...maybe not

Is it normal for the betta to take a bite of food and then after a few seconds spit it out after chewing?

He does this even if we only feed three or four grains of betta bites.
(ie he is not overfed. We have even skipped a day of feeding each week on purpose)
He did it even the day I tried a bit of freeze dried brine shrimp.
The only food he does not spit out is a bit of shelled green pea, which we tried twice.

It's the third week that he has continued this behavior & he seems none the worse for wear.
I've examined him closely; skin, fins, gills all seem fine. He's not looking emaciated.

I am new to betta keeping (well not counting a short time when I was a child.)
And, in fact this betta is my child's

Our betta is in a bowl (with jump proof cover crafted by my daughter out of duct tape with air holes)
We are still addressing water issues, but our betta seems to be active; properly reactive (both to a mirror now & again and to being approached).

Normal behavior?

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 9:26 pm 

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Hi, how long have you gotten this betta? If he is new, bettas tends to reject food up to a week sometimes! But once he gets settled he will be more than willing to eat.

How big is his bowl? While petstore people will say they are okay in a tiny bowl, they really need at least 1 gallon of water to be comfortable (most people say 2.5-5 gallon, but it depends on the fish) In anything less than 2.5 gallon of water, he will need a weekly 50% water change, and a weekly 100% water change (unless of course you have a filter and has established a cycle for him). also its important to remove all food that he doesn't eat, so the water won't foul.

There is a great website call with lots of information about bettafish care, habitat, diseases cure and prevention, tank mate compatibility. It would be a great place for you and your child to learn more about your pretty fish =D!

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