Boston Aquarium Society Bowl Show 2022 Rules

Boston Aquarium Society Bowl Show 2022

A. Bowl Show Rules

  1. Bowl Show entrants must be BAS members or from NEC clubs.
  2. Bowl Show entrants must provide their own tanks and are responsible
    for bringing them to BAS meeting and removing them after BAS meeting.
  3. Bowl Show entrants are responsible for the fishes they bring for the
    show. Neither BAS nor judge(s) can be held responsible for any losses if
    the entrant's fish dies or decides to jump from the aquarium during the
    BAS meeting.
  4. There is no limit to the number of entries a person can bring to the bowl
    show (as long as they comply with the bowl show schedule ; in other
    words, don't bring a tetra for showing during the month when cichlids are
    being shown. The Open Class is open to all species of aquarium fish.)
  5. Fish can be exhibited multiple times for different classes. For example, a
    cichlid shown in the cichlid bowl show one month can also be exhibited in
    the open class another month.
  6. The Judge(s)'s decision is/are final.
  7. Awarding points for each show
    First place = 10 points
    Second place = 8 points
    Third place = 5 points

Winner(s) will be announced at the meeting at each month where there is a Bowl show.

B. Bowl Show Awards

Based on the winners for each month, cash prizes will be awarded in
January 2023 based on the number of point wins from Jan 2022 to
December 2022

1st place winner = $50
2nd place winner = $30
3rd place winner = $20

C. Bowl Show Schedule

Jan 2022 - Open

Feb 2022 – Livebearers

March 2022 - Gobies

April 2022 - Open

May 2022 - Dwarf Cichlids (under 3 inches) - Apistogramma, Kribs etc.

June 2022 - Bettas, gouramis and other anabantoids

July 2022 - Barbs, Tetras, Rasboras

Aug 2022 - Killies

Sept 2022 - Open

Oct 2022 - Large Cichlids (over 3 inches) - Angelfish, Discus, Severums etc.

Nov 2022 - Catfish

Dec 2022 - Any Festive Fish

January 2023 - Awards presented