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L046 Zebra plecos; Electric Blue Hap; pond comets
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Author:  allkinds [ Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  L046 Zebra plecos; Electric Blue Hap; pond comets

I'm taking down tanks. I just can't care for so many any more. This is tough. *sigh*

1.) I have 4 tank-bred L046 Zebra plecos for sale. (Yes, the real ones). They are from 2 different sources. Two are full-sized and are ~5 yrs old. I don't know their sexes, but I've attached a photo if you're good at sexing plecos. There are also 2 smaller ones (around 1.5") at 2 yrs old? (Yes, the photo shows 5 of them - I'm keeping one of the small ones. )

If anybody wants to guess on the sexes of these fish here, I'd love to know!

I'd prefer to sell them as a group. $600 for all 5.
If the group doesn't sell, then it'll be $135 each for the small ones, and $150 each for the larger ones. In-person pickup only, please. (Don't want to ship). Hopefully pleco specialists will want these fish. They're rare, endangered fish - you can't legally ship them out of Brazil anymore.

2.) Electric Blue Ahli (Hap) About 3" long. Around 2 yrs. old. Gorgeous fish. White stripe on the dorsal, gold anal fin. $15 Hoping he goes to a major African cichlid person. :) In-person pickup only, please.

3.) 7 pond comets. Some are orange, but most have white markings and one is mainly white. Five of these were rescued from somebody who got them as a wedding decoration in a vase (yah...) and they kept the fish IN THE VASE after bringing them home - for almost 4 weeks. I found them in horrifically filthy water at that person's home, in this tiny vase, gasping at the surface. I brought them home.

I've had them over a year now - they're happy and healthy. They joined 2 others who were won at the Topsfield Fair and given to me when the owner was going to flush them as an inconvenience. :( They're 2 - 4" long. I don't want them place them as feeders, as they are healthy, pretty creatures who have been pets. I don't mind splitting them up. (Topsfield Fair two are 3"-ish, and the others are 2 - 2.5"-ish.) Please don't ask for them if you want feeders. Pickup only.

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