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Auction Policy

(Revised 10/19/2014)


1. Live fish and aquatic invertebrates, aquatic plants and aquarium related material only!  Anything else will be refused.

2. There is a limit of 3 lots per species.  Any additional lots will be considered a BAS DONATION.

3. Lots without a minimum bid which don't sell will be considered a BAS DONATION.

4. All fish lots must be properly double-bagged - A fee of $2 will be charged for lots not double-bagged, leaking or otherwise requiring re-bagging.


5. Seller must mark each bag with their name, the species name, and quantity.  Unlabeled lots will be considered a BAS DONATION.


6. Dry goods must be in new or like-new condition.  No used aquarium Gravel or used light bulbs in any condition.

7. Seller proceeds must be collected after all of a seller's lots have sold.  If the seller leaves before all lots are sold, the sellers proceeds will be considered a BAS DONATION.

8. Seller must pick up any lots that fail to sell. Any items left will become the property of BAS.

9. Bidders must pay for all purchases before leaving the auction.

10. The registrar and auctioneer have the right to refuse any lot due to size, defects, sickness, inadequate bagging or any other disqualifying reason.

11. BAS and the auctioneer will do their best to assure that all items at the auction are what they claim to be, but it is the bidders responsibility to assure that the item is what you intend to bid on. Unless the item was misrepresented by the auctioneer, all purchases are final.

12. The monthly auction proceeds shall be split 50/50. ALL other auctions shall be split 60/40 split to the seller.

13. No animals or plants restricted or deemed illegal by the Mass. or Federal Governments will be accepted.


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