Breeding Initiative

The BAS Breeding Initiative is currently on hiatus. Please stay tuned for updates.

Program Introduction

The purpose of the Boston Aquarium Society Breeding Initiative (the program) is to:

  • Encourage the propagation and distribution of species.
  • Educate members on breeding fish, plants, invertebrates, and corals.
  • Enhance the quality of the species propagated through the proper application of genetics and breeding strategies.

The program also strives to encourage members to participate in the C.A.R.E.S. preservation program by propagating species at risk and sharing information with others working to preserve these species.

The Breeder Advisory Board

The Breeders Board oversees  and enforces all rules and regulations governing the program.  The board tracks and awards points to qualifying members as well as choosing, sourcing, and tracking club strains. The program rules and regulations shall be reviewed by the Breeders Board and revised when necessary.

Breeder Levels & Points

Level Points
1 25
2 50
3 100
4 300
5 500
6 750
7 1000
8 1500
9 2000
10 4000

Assigning and Challenging Points

• Species not listed that an aquarist is planning to spawn should be brought to the someone on the advisory board's attention. That person will present the specifics to the board for discussion. The board, will assign points.

• It is recognized that new discoveries, new importations of fish, published documents, etc. can all change the value of breeding a specific species. Points may therefore be reviewed and changed periodically by the board, and the findings and changes will be publicized in the club journal “The Daphnian” and the club website.

• If the number of points is changed on a species, this point value will go into effect immediately. When points are reclassified, the points shall not be applied to previously earned points.

• The program is ongoing and does not have a specific beginning and end period.

• If a member has a lapse in membership, the former club member’s points will be reinstated depending on the availability of records. During the period of time the person was not a member, those spawns will not count for points; points will start again upon the person becoming a member in good standing.

• The Advisory Board has the right to extend any time and/or date limits.

The assigning of points rationale is as follows:

  1. Fish, coral invertebrate, plant type
  2. Water chemistry, lighting, temperature
  3. Feeding requirements
  4. Difficulty in spawning
  5. Difficulty in raising fry
  6. Club Strain
  7. Species at risk