How To Join

The Society is dedicated to increasing both knowledge and interest in the hobby through the activities of its' members. Long term involvement is encouraged at every opportunity, for example our Breeding Initiative and Bowl Show competitions. As hobbyists we enjoy the fellowship afforded us through this type of organization. Members have willingly donated fish, plants, time and knowledge to school projects to bring children into the hobby.

Members are involved in every aspect of the hobby from marine to aquatic plants, many species of fish and ponds. Some of our members write for national magazines and are involved in a variety of organizations such as Aquatic Gardeners Association, the International Guppy Education and Exhibition Society, the Rainbow Study Group, the American Cichlid Association and American Killifish Association.

We are also a member of The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies and the Federation of American Aquarium Societies.

Whether you are a new member who needs an application, or an existing member wishing to renew your membership, please print the form and fill in the information (this helps us keep our records up to date!)

Then send completed form with $20 (individual or family) to the address listed on the form. Please make checks payable to Boston Aquarium Society.