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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:25 pm 

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Hey folks,

I'm downsizing from my 125g planted setup/29gal quarantine tank. I also have a 75 available. Pictures can be seen on my CL post - just let me know if you'd like to claim anything. (Note that the prices listed here are lower than what I'm asking in the CL add.. consider it a "friends and family" discount :D )

Comment on timelines: The 29gal setup will need to be the last to go so plan for that to be ready for pickup in about 3 weeks. The 125g setup will take some time to dismantle and could be picked up this weekend, everything else can be picked up as early as this evening.

All prices are somewhat arbitrary and totally negotiable and given how hard it is to move larger setups, I will part things out - so if you're interested in something please make an offer!

**125gal setup - $700 obo for the whole shebang (*chicken not included)
Included: "oak" frame tank, 3-door wood cabinet stand, glass canopies, 48" Current Nova Extreme 4x54W T5 light fixture, 24" Current 2x65W CF light fixture, Magnum 350 canister filter w/HOB biowheel attachment, Maxi-Jet 1200 powerhead, brand-new Marineland 400W submersible heater (just opened yesterday b/c my older one died). Also available if you want it: 150lbs of EcoComplete/sand mixed substrate (FULL of beneficial snails and bacteria!) and several large pieces of well-cured driftwood, some with plants attached. Also willing to throw in the custom-made 12" riser under the stand in the picture (thanks to a fellow BAS member who made it for me years ago!) - nice to have the tank a little higher up, and extra storage space underneath (also good for cats to hide under). :)

**75gal setup - $450 for all
Included: dark brown-framed tank, 2-cabinet brick-red painted wood stand, 2 sets of glass canopies (one has a big chip out of one corner, so there's an extra set), 48" 6x54W T5 fixture, 48" 2x65W CF strip fixture, Marineland Emperor 400 HOB filter. Some driftwood available upon request. (This tank is not currently set up, so I don't have a picture, but I promise everything is in decent shape)

**29gal tank, stand, and canopy - $200 for all
(20gal tank in picture is not available)
Included: black frame tank *does not currently hold water* (sprung a leak on the front seam a couple of weeks ago, just needs to be resealed, replaced, or used for reptiles), custom open-design wood stand, closed wood canopy with installed retrofit Current fixture for a 96W quad Smartpaq bulb (included, plus an extra bulb), Penguin 350 HOB filter, heater (I don't remember the brand, but definitely a good one).

**5.5gal slate-bottom tank with metal frame - classic. :) - $35 obo

**48" Current Nova T5 fixture (4 x 54W version), has legs, needs new bulbs. - $100 obo

**20" Zilla dual incandescent reptile light - new in box - $35 obo

**Cured driftwood, some with plants, some on slate, 10-15 pieces to choose from - $5-35 depending on size

**Substrate - ~150lbs of an EcoComplete/sand mixture (mostly black) or ~30lbs of red Flourite - both have been in these fully-planted tanks for ~7 yrs, so probably mostly depleted of the original nutrients, but FULL of MTS and lots of that awesome beneficial bacteria - <20lb = $1/lb; 21-40lbs =$0.75/lb; 41lbs+ = $0.50/lb (obo).

**Vallisneria sp. - OMG so much Val! V. americana (natans), V. nana, and V. spiralis "tiger" - $2/bunch

**Ancistrus sp. - currently have ~50 half-inch babies and two 2" kids that I think are both girls - $0.50 each for the babies and $3 each for the teenagers. I *might* be willing to sell my breeding trio with their favorite coconut shell cave for a really good offer. ;)

**MTS - Also have a TON of these - would love them to go to good use - $whatever you want to donate. :D

Mmmm.... fishies.

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