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September 2022 Monthly Meeting

For more information ahead of next week’s talk, check out Project Piaba’s YouTube channel.

Along with important information about the project, Project Piaba publishes a weekly feature every Friday called Wild Fish Friday.

It is great inspiration for your home aquarium habitat builds, species behavior questions and general fishy curiosity.

Be sure to follow Project Piaba so you don’t miss any cool fish videos. (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UColBkR8Xp-3JceosHjxsVrg)

Our next monthly meeting will be Monday September 19th.

This month’s program will be our very own Jackie Anderson, with a presentation on Project Piaba.

How can home aquarium fish conserve rainforests?

In this talk, Jackie shows how the home aquarium fish industry is driving environmental conservation in environmentally sensitive areas within the Amazon River watershed. This counter-intuitive approach to conservation fosters stewardship and prevents environmentally destructive industries from gaining a foothold, but the fishery is under threat from a variety of outside factors. This presentation discusses this fishery, the threats that face it, and Project Piaba’s work in the Rio Negro.

Jackie Anderson is the Education Materials Coordinator for Project Piaba, a non-profit corporation made entirely of volunteers dedicated to fostering wild caught beneficial aquarium fish fisheries. Jackie is a life-long aquarium enthusiast and is passionate about fish keeping, the environment, and promoting environmental stewardship. With Project Piaba, she helps spread the message of how wild caught aquarium fish fisheries can have a positive effect on the environment, and how the hobby of aquarium keeping can drive environmental conservation. As a former professional aquarist, she has designed and helped maintain countless aquatic environments and the messaging people receive in conjunction with aquarium exhibits. Currently she maintains and operates aquatic animal life support systems, and keeps 9 aquariums and paludariums at her home.

Bowl Show for September 2022 - Open   (BAS Members Only)

Our new location is now INSIDE the New England Aquarium in the Harbor View Cafe. Enter the New England Aquarium through the main entrance, and take the stairs to your right, past the gift shop, to the 2ndfloor mezzanine.  An elevator is also available.

Attendees may begin arriving at 7:30PM.  BAS Secretary Donna will greet you at the door.  If you are driving, street meters are free after 8PM. Paid parking is available nearby in the Boston Harbor Garage.  If you are taking the MBTA, take the Blue line to Aquarium.

Anyone wishing to stay in touch with us:

Please email our BAS Secretary & Membership Chair Donna McAndrews (marksdonnam@hotmail.com).

She will put you on our Guest Membership List.  You will receive reminders of our yearly NEAq Tour, Quarterly Breeder Auctions, Yearly Auction and Monthly Speakers.