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The Boston Society

Published in Aquatic Life Magazine 1916-1917

Following a preliminary gathering in October, the Boston Aquarium Society held its first regular meeting at Holden’s bird store, Friday evening, November 17th.  Officers were elected as follows:  President, Walter M. Copeland; Vice President, Franklin A. Packard; Secretary, Walter H. Chute; Treasurer, Charles W. Alden.

The society starts with a membership of nineteen, and at least ten aquarists have signified their intention of becoming members at the next meeting.  We hope to co-operate with the other societies throughout the country to encourage the development and study of aquaria and terraria and their inhabitants by means of informal meetings, exhibitions and the distribution of literature.

The society is fortunate in having the endorsement of the Massachusetts Fish and Game Commission, and sends to its brother societies the following from a message from Hon. William C. Adams, chairman of the Commission:  “We cannot see how anything but good can result from the activities of your society, and we hope it will have a long life and a large membership.  There should be no effort to narrow the field of study and investigation, as it relates to our wild life.  The farther we can reach out the more we are bound to learn, and to appreciate how completely one form of life is linked with other forms.  The objects of your society should not only promote a great deal of pleasant recreation for the young and old of the country, but very easily can be made the foundation for much intelligent research and study.”

Until further notice the regular meetings of the society will be held on the second Friday of the month at 15 Broomfield Street.  Aquarists of other cities who may be in Boston at any time, are cordially invited to attend the meetings.  The secretary will be pleased to correspond with the officers of the other societies relative to the work.

Walter H. Chute, Secretary