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November 2022 Gala Auction

November 2022 Gala Auction

Our next monthly meeting will be Monday, November 21, 2022.

We will be having our annual gala auction at this meeting. We want to provide a special thank you to Florida Aquatic Nurseries, who have sponsored this auction, sending over $600 (wholesale) worth of plants. There will be a minimum of 20 lots of donated plants, some lots will have multiple plants.

Registration starts 7:30pm.  Auction will start 8:00pm.

For time constraint purposes, there is a limit of SEVEN (7) items TOTAL per seller, ONE (1) of which may be a dry good item. All other lots must be a livestock item (fish, snails, shrimp, etc).

All lots sold the first $3 will go to the club and the rest to the seller.

The Auction must end by 10:00pm, due to our time limit for our meeting space, where we are graciously hosted by the NEAq.

Items will be selected for auction at random. Although we will make every effort to move quickly to sell every item, we cannot guarantee that all items will be auctioned. Items not auctioned or sold will be available for the seller to reclaim at no fee.

Bowl Show  (BAS Membership Required to Participate)

November 2022 – Catfish

Please feel free to bring in some refreshments.

Our new location is now INSIDE the New England Aquarium in the Harbor View Cafe. Enter the New England Aquarium through the main entrance, and take the stairs to your right, past the gift shop, to the 2nd floor mezzanine.  An elevator is also available.

Attendees may begin arriving at 7:30PM.  BAS Secretary Donna will greet you at the door.  If you are driving, street meters are free after 8PM.   Paid parking is available nearby in the Boston Harbor Garage.  If you are taking the MBTA, take the Blue line to Aquarium.

Anyone wishing to stay in touch with us:  Email BAS Secretary & Membership Chair Donna McAndrews (marksdonnam@hotmail.com).

She will put you on our Guest Membership List.  You will receive reminders of our yearly NEAq Tour, Quarterly Breeder Auctions, Yearly Auction and Monthly Speakers.

Our Website Link is:  (https://bostonaquariumsociety.org)